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A good understanding of FOS and our dispute resolution process means better service for your clients. You can learn more about us and our processes through our online education tool,  FOS eLearning:

FOS and dispute resolution (coming soon)

This accredited module provides an introduction to FOS, internal and external dispute resolution, and a step through our dispute resolution process. Consumer advocates undertaking professional development or the Diploma of Financial Counselling can take the optional assessment.

Terms of Reference

The types of disputes we can consider are outlined in our Terms of Reference, and described in more detail in our Operational Guidelines. To help you understand these documents, we have developed three online learning sessions to take you through some key aspects of the Terms of Reference and Operational Guidelines as they apply to our dispute resolution process. Register for Terms of Reference eLearning

Systemic Issues

The Systemic Issues eLearning module will help you become familiar with our approach to the management of Systemic Issues. We use the Systemic Issues management process to handle the identification and resolution of Systemic Issues, which we are required to do by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
Register for Systemic eLearning

FOS Forums

FOS Forums complement our eLearning, delivering targeted intermediate and advanced face-to-face training for the consumer sector. FOS Forums are   designed to educate consumer advocates in more depth about key aspects of financial disputes such as financial difficulty, general insurance, responsible lending and maladministration.

You are eligible to attend a FOS Forum once you have completed the Introduction to FOS and dispute resolution module as outlined above. Forums are delivered in collaboration with the relevant state association in your field.

If you have any questions about FOS eLearning, professional development or the FOS Forums, please contact the Community Relations Advisor.