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14 Oct

GI Open Forum - Sydney

This forum aims to bring together those involved in the industry to discuss relevant FOS decisions and share insights about emerging issues. The agenda is open, therefore you will hear from FOS Ombudsmen and other subject matter experts on topics submitted by you.

During the forum registration process, members have the opportunity to submit determinations for discussion along with topics requiring clarification or closer examination. The agenda is then compiled based on member submissions and circulated to participants prior to being discussed at the event.

Due to the popularity of our half-day forums, registration is a must. To register for this session and indicate the Determinations you would like covered, please use our online registration form here. The registration form enables you to identify the determination number and issues you want clarified.

Who should attend?
FOS members involved in general insurance and insurance related products and those dealing with internal or external dispute resolution in this area. For example, members involved in:

  • domestic insurance (building, home contents, motor vehicle, travel)
  • extended warranty insurance
  • professional indemnity insurance
  • farm insurance
  • small business insurance