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Issue 26 - August 2016

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Act quickly to make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s FOS Australia National Conference.

FOS National Conference 2016

The one-day intensive program on Thursday 8 September will provide you with industry insights, information on successful dispute resolution, and useful tips on how best to deal with disputes once they reach FOS. The program includes:

  • A keynote speech from Katharina Kuehn, Australia’s first, and leading, consumer neuro scientist. Katharina will discuss the non-conscious, often irrational nature of consumer decision-making, and explain how understanding this process can help dispute resolution professionals deal with customer complaints.

  • An expert industry panel, facilitated by Julian Morrow (ABC TV’s The Chaser), discussing current and future professional industry standards, their new resolve for the future, and their current efforts to improve professional standards.

  • A great debate on whether FOS will be out of business in five years.

  • A selection of breakout sessions discussing current issues in the Banking and Finance, Insurance and Advice and General Insurance sectors, as well as general dispute resolution topics: mental health, elder abuse, IDR, conciliation techniques, new obligations for life insurers, and financial difficulty.

  • A welcome dinner the night before the conference (on Wednesday 7 September), which will provide valuable networking opportunities and the chance to meet FOS staff.

Registrations close on 30 August. Register now to be part of this great event.

For more information and full program information, visit

Welcome dinner – Wednesday 7 September 2016
6.30pm – 10.00pm

Conference – Thursday 8 September
8.45am – 5.30pm

Melbourne Convention Centre