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05 October 2017
The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Australia received record dispute numbers in 2016-17, according to new data published today. Read more
05 September 2016
The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Australia has reduced the average time taken to resolve disputes by more than one-third without compromising the quality of outcomes. The 2015-16 Annual Review shows that FOS resolved disputes in an average of 62 days compared with 95 days in 2014-15. It also closed 43% of disputes within 30 days (almost double last year’s 22%). Read more
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09 October 2014
The Financial Ombudsman Service released its 2013-14 Annual Review. The Annual Review shows the total number of disputes received remains relatively steady with FOS receiving 31,680 disputes, a decrease of 2% on last year. The number of disputes accepted declined by 3% to 23,454 disputes. Read more
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23 October 2013
FOS released its 2012-2013 Annual Review today which shows 49% of all disputes it accepted were about credit products with disputes about home loans and credit cards the most common in 2012-2013. Read more
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22 November 2012
The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) today released its 2011-2012 Annual Review.Shane Tregillis, Chief Ombudsman, said, "We saw a continued increase in disputes coming to and being resolved by FOS in the last year. The composition of disputes has also changed over the last few years, with credit products and disputes lodged by people in financial difficulty making up a larger proportion of those we handled." Read more
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12 December 2011
The last three years have seen significant achievements, challenges and change at FOS. To meet the growing demand for its services, FOS has increased its case handling resources, created an early resolution team and continued its focus on achieving early, collaborative resolution to disputes wherever appropriate. FOS also has an increased emphasis on identifying and following up possible systemic issues with financial services providers. Read more
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28 February 2011
The promotion of early, collaborative resolution of disputes involving consumers of Australia’s financial services sector was the major theme of the 2009–10 Annual Review of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), released today. Read more
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