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Issue 23 - October 2015

Under the spotlight: Sally Davis


On 1 September, Sally Davis left her role as FOS’s Senior Manager Systemic Issues and began her new role as General Manager Code Compliance and Monitoring and CEO of the Code Compliance and Monitoring Committee. This is the latest role in Sally’s 15 years at FOS and its predecessor schemes.

Having obtained a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Melbourne, Sally entered private practice for a number of years, before returning to university to complete a Graduate Diploma of Arts at Monash.

After some time spent as a locum in private practice and other ventures, Sally entered the field of alternative dispute resolution back in the late 1990s managing the disciplinary function at the National Institute of Accountants (NIA), as it was then known. “This was where my future career path in ADR was formed, in a way. It exposed me to a career path away from private practice and how legal skills can be used in other forums,” Sally said.

In November 2000, Sally joined the Australian Banking Industry Ombudsman (ABIO), one of FOS’s predecessor schemes, as Case Manager. The ABIO became the Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman (BFSO) before merging in 2008 with other ombudsman schemes to form FOS. Already working in the management of Systemic Issues, Sally managed the consolidation of the Systemic Issues function across all the different schemes into one team.

Over her time as manager of the Systemic Issues team, Sally has developed a strong working relationship with many financial services providers, and is well-regarded for her commitment to working proactively with the sector in improving practices and resolving issues.