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Member Survey

What our members said
What we have done in response

In December 2009, FOS conducted a survey of its members. Over 4,000 members were invited to participate and almost 800 completed the survey.


The survey was designed to:

  • establish performance benchmarks and identify potential areas for service improvement, and
  • evaluate the suitability of the information FOS provides and the demand for new information services.


What our members said

From our member survey we learned that:

  • our members are generally satisfied with our service but gave a clear indication of where we needed to improve
  • the key themes of member feedback was for the provision of information and training to meet business needs that was concise, timely, delivered online and designed to support effective dispute resolution
  • most members view FOS as a trustworthy, credible organisation
  • FOS staff are viewed positively as professional and approachable
  • but more information was needed to show FOS staff knowledge of particular industries
  • some members would like more information about FOS decisions and common cases so they can see the consistency of FOS’s approach.

What we have done in response

Since the survey, FOS has put in place initiatives to address members’ needs and feedback. The table below summarises actions we have taken in response to member feedback we received through the survey:


 What members asked for  Actions FOS has taken to meet member needs
Provide information about emerging regulatory issues 
  • New regular item in quarterly FOS Circular
  • Agenda item in industry liaison meetings
  • Part of the FOS National Conference
Provide more training on systemic issues
  • New regular item in quarterly FOS Circular
  • New module offered in FOS IDR Excellence programme
  • Elearning session in development for launch at National Conference
Use website more  
  • Terms of Reference e-learning sessions made available at no cost to members
  • Operational guidelines delivered online
  • Circular delivered online
Provide more advice about avoiding disputes
  • IDR Excellence programme of 12 modules made available
  • Expanded IDR workshop offered and delivered
Provide more training outside Melbourne
  • IDR programme and IDR Excellence programme offered throughout Australia
  • E-learning for TOR
Present determinations better 
  • Improved search function introduced
Provide more case studies
  • Annual Review, Circular and National Conference developed with case studies as integral part of the communication
Identify benchmarks for industries’ dispute resolution
  • Comparative tables as part of FOS Annual Review launched
Provide more information about best practice
  • IDR Excellence programme of 12 modules made available
  • FOS Circular articles specifically identify best industry practices
Improve reporting
  • A number of enhancements were introduced to monthly and quarterly reports to allow better tracking by members against their own MIS
  • Online reporting is now in test and scheduled for release this financial year
Improve invoicing
  • A number of enhancements were introduced to allow better tracking of costs against case management reports
Show more specialisation
  • The Annual Review, Circular and National Conference for 2011 were redesigned to better address segments of FOS membership
Increase industry knowledge at FOS
  • Ongoing commitment to ensure staff remain abreast of developments and new staff had specific industry areas of expertise
Provide information to meet my business needs
  • Dedicated membership email and phone line established to answer member queries
  • Automated emails established to send to members receiving their first dispute
  • Move to provide more checklists for new members










































FOS is committed to providing an effective and useful service to its members. We are grateful for the feedback we received in the 2010 survey and we look forward to learning our members’ views when we survey again in August 2011. FOS will be surveying members about their service and information needs in August 2011 so we can develop our agenda of improvements based on members’ needs.