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How to resolve a dispute (video transcript)

Do you have a problem with your bank, insurer or other financial services provider? Come to FOS Australia.

The Financial Ombudsman Service Australia, or ‘FOS’ provides fair and independent dispute resolution that is free to consumers.

We can help most people who have a problem and have already tried to fix it with their financial services provider.

What sort of problems can FOS help with?

  • Banking and finance
  • Credit
  • Insurance, including home, contents, travel and life
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance broking
  • Investments, advice and more.

We can help if your financial services provider is a member of FOS. You can check this on our website.

Now, let’s look at the steps FOS will take to try and solve the problem.

Step one – talk to your financial services provider. Many problems are fixed this way.

Your financial services provider will have a complaints area that you can contact by phone, email or letter.

If you’re still not happy, it’s time for Step two – Talk to FOS.

Provide a brief explanation of the problem and what you think a reasonable outcome might be.

Step three – Getting a result

We will start by working directly with you and your financial services provider to help you reach a fair agreement.

If you and your financial services provider can’t agree on what is fair, we’ll make a decision.

We take into account laws, codes of practice and information sent to us by you and your financial services provider.

We make decisions based on what is fair in the circumstances.

We are independent, which means we don’t take sides.

Complaining to FOS is free and you don’t need to pay someone to help you. If you think you may need someone to help, you might qualify for free legal aid or financial counselling assistance.

Contacting FOS is easy and if English is not your first language we can arrange a telephone interpreter free of charge.

You can contact us by using our online form, calling us on our free 1800 number or writing to us.