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General information

General information required from a commercial fee-charging representative

To help FOS to deal with a dispute, a fee-charging representative lodging the dispute should provide the following information at the time of lodgement:

  • Name and contact details of the applicant. While FOS will request contact information for the fee-charging representative, we also require contact details of the applicant should we need to contact them directly.  It is not acceptable that a fee-charging representative only provide contact information for themselves.
  • A dispute raised by a fee-charging representative should be clearly articulated.  Specific details of the key issues in dispute along with supporting documentation will be required at lodgement. It is not sufficient to use a generic template of allegations without providing specific details relating to the applicant.
    For example, if the representative is claiming that the applicant changed their address and the financial services provider (FSP) failed to send a default notice to the new address, the representative should provide FOS with details of when the applicant notified the FSP of their change of address, how they contacted the FSP, and if relevant who they spoke to and what was said. The representative should also provide supporting documentation showing that the applicant had changed their address. For example, by providing copies of statements received from other FSPs or utility bills from around the same time.
  • A fee-charging representative should identify all issues in dispute at lodgement, wherever practical.  It is not acceptable that a fee-charging representative introduce further dispute issues during the progression of the dispute, where it is clear that they were able to be identified earlier.
  • Details of the outcome sought, including any calculations and reasoning for the request.
  • If available, the name of the FSP against which the dispute is lodged along with relevant details of the financial service (for example a policy or account number).
  • The date of any complaint made to the FSP.