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Issue 34 - August 2018

Accessibility guides for members

FOS is committed to providing a service that is accessible to everyone.

We prepared accessibility guides for our staff based on 25 years’ experience working with people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to use them.

We realise that many of our members already have or are developing their own internal accessibility policies and guidelines, which is terrific. We are making our own material available to help members who may be in the early stages of this work, or for smaller members without the manpower to develop their own materials. 

By sharing our guides, we hope to improve access to dispute resolution more generally.

Providing an accessible service might include:

  • being flexible in your approach
  • providing information in different formats
  • understanding an individual’s circumstances and responding appropriately
  • considering a range of options to resolve your customer’s complaint.

Accessibility guides

  • Cognitive condition
  • Family violence
  • Financial elder abuse
  • Hearing and speech
  • Literacy
  • Mental health
  • Sight and vision

These guides are available to access on the Member Resources page of Secure Services.

If you have any questions about the guides, please contact the FOS Access Working Group Chair Peter Fisher on (03) 9613 7398 or