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Annual assessment

Calculator sitting on paperworkAll participating financial services providers are required to complete an annual business size assessment. We use the information captured in the assessment to calculate your base levy and in compiling comparative reporting tables.

Finance and comparative tables contact types will be notified by email when the assessment is available.

Required information

Members need to provide business size data for the calculation of:

  1. The base levy payable for the period 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2019, and
  2. The comparative tables for the period 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018.

Date for calculation purposes

For both purposes, the relevant date to use to identify the size of business will be as at 30 June 2017, or for the year ending 30 June 2017.

How to complete your assessment

If you are a Finance or comparative tables contact type, log in to your Secure Services account, select "Annual Assessment" and follow the prompts. Blue help icons at each step provide all the information you need. You can save your assessment at any time and return to it later. A copy also remains available for you to refer to after you have submitted it. For more details refer to our on-screen guide to completing your annual assessment.

Base levy

All FOS members pay a base levy annually. We determine the base levy for a business by calculating the size of the business compared to other FOS members. This is why business size data is required. A calculator is available as a guide for estimating what your base levy might be based on the 2017/18 base levy. More information about your base levy.

Comparative tables

The comparative tables present disputes statistics about named members of FOS. ASIC Regulatory Guide 139 requires that external dispute resolution schemes like FOS publish this data. We publish the comparative tables as part of the FOS Annual Review. FOS publishes a measure of how likely a consumer was to come to FOS with a dispute about a type of product. It is presented relative to the size of the named provider’s business in a product group. This is why business size data is required. See the latest Comparative Tables report for more information.


We recognise that the information a member provides about the size of their business is commercially sensitive and confidential. We confirm the information is not provided to any third party and is accessible only to a small number of FOS staff involved in invoicing, reporting and member segmentation for effective information delivery.

Need help or more information?

If you have any queries, please email or call 1300 565 562 and select option 3.