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Annual Reviews

Browse our past Annual Reviews including those published by the dispute resolution schemes which merged in 2008-2009 to form the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Financial Ombudsman Service

Annual Review 2016-2017 (PDF download) (WORD format) | Comparative Tables 2016-17

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Annual Review 2013-2014 (PDF download) | Comparative Tables 2013-2014

Annual Review 2012-2013 (PDF download) | Comparative Tables 2012-2013

Annual Review 2011-2012 (PDF download) | Comparative Tables 2011-2012

Annual Review 2010-2011 (PDF download) | Comparative Tables 2010-2011

Annual Review 2009-2010 (PDF download) | Comparative Tables 2009-2010

Financial Ombudsman Service 2009

Annual Review | Summary Report | Media Release

Financial Ombudsman Service 2008

Messages from the Chair of the Board and Chief Ombudsman

Banking & Finance Report

General Insurance Review

Investments, Life Insurance & Superannuation Review

Media release

Banking & Financial Services Ombudsman

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Credit Union Dispute Resolution Centre

Annual Report 2008

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Financial Industry Complaints Service

Annual Review 2007

Annual Review 2006 - Part 1: Introduction and Reports

Annual Review 2006 - Part 2: News and How FICS Helps

Annual Review 2006 - Part 3: Case Studies

Annual Review 2006 - Part 4: Statistics

Annual Review 2005

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Insurance Brokers Disputes Limited

Complaints Report 2008

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Complaints Report 2002

Complaints Report 2001

IBDF Complaints Reports from 1996 until 2000 are only available in hard copy.

Insurance Ombudsman Service

Annual Review 2007

Annual Review 2006

Annual Review 2005

General Insurance Reports prior to 2005 are only available in hard copy.

Bulletins and eNews

The final Banking & Finance Quarterly Bulletin was published in March 2009. Our publication The Circular has replaced the Bulletin. If you'd like to be notified when a new Circular or Annual Review is published, please sign up to the Financial Ombudsman Service electronic mailing list.

Banking & Finance Bulletins
Investments, Life Insurance & Superannuation Bulletins
Mutuals Bulletins

eNews is a newsletter FOS published in 2008 and 2009. It has been superseded by The Circular.

eNews Issue 1 | Spring 2008 | Download PDF (633KB)
eNews Issue 2 | March 2009 | Download PDF (508KB)
eNews Issue 3 | June 2009 | Download PDF (531KB)
eNews Issue 4 | December 2009 | Download PDF (655KB)
Independent Reviews

Independent reviews are an important requirement of our ASIC licence to operate as an external dispute resolution scheme. Prior to our 2013 independent review, several of our predecessor schemes completed similar independent reviews, which are available for download.

Banking & Finance
Background Paper
Independent Review
Board Response to Review Recommendations
Implementation of Recommendations

Insurance, Life Insurance & Superannuation
Independent Review Report
Implementation Plan

Independent Review


For more recent submissions please click here.


Responsible lending
Submission made in October 2009 in response to ASIC’s Consultation Paper 115

Dispute resolution requirements for consumer credit and margin lending
Submission made in September 2009 in response to ASIC’s Consultation Paper 112

Inquiry by Joint Parliamentary Committee into collapses of financial services providers including Storm Financial
Submission made in July 2009 to inquiry

Alternative dispute resolution in the civil justice system
Submission made in May 2009 in response to National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council’s Issues Paper

Australian Consumer Law
Submission made in March 2009 in response to Treasury’s Information and Consultation Paper


Dispute resolution requirements – review of ASIC’s Regulatory Guides 139 and 165
Submission made in November 2008 in response to ASIC’s Consultation Paper 102

Financial services and credit reform
Submission made in July 2008 in response to Treasury’s Green Paper

Superannuation – simple advice
Submission made in July 2008 in response to Treasury’s consultation

Inquiry by House of Representatives Committee into banking competition
Submission made in July 2008 to inquiry