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Find a financial services provider

We provide a dispute resolution service for consumers and financial services providers. For us to be able to consider disputes, the financial services provider needs to be a member of our service. This search tool will help you find out if your financial services provider is a FOS member.

Can’t find your financial services provider?
If you can’t find the financial services provider you’re looking for in our database, this may mean that they are not a member of FOS. We cannot help with disputes about financial services providers that are not FOS members.

You can contact the Credit and Investments Ombudsman Limited to check if your financial services provider is a member of their service.

Please contact us  if you need more information.

What does it mean if the financial services provider is an authorised credit representative?

If the financial services provider you wish to complain about appears in the above search as an authorised credit representative, this means that they are authorised to engage in credit activities (such as selling credit products) on behalf of another organisation. In these circumstances, we can consider a dispute between you and the organisation that the authorised credit representative is acting for.

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