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Guide to conciliation conferences

Conciliation conferences are one method FOS uses to help resolve disputes between applicants (customers who've lodged their dispute with FOS) and financial services providers.

A conciliation conference is a joint telephone call between the parties in dispute, led by a FOS conciliator. Conciliation conferences have proven to be an extremely effective way for applicants and their financial services providers to agree on how to resolve the dispute. Even if conciliation does not resolve the dispute, we find it is still a good way for everyone involved to get a better understanding of the issues.

View FOS's Guide to Conciliation Conferences for more information, including:

  • What happens before, during and after a conciliation
  • The FOS conciliator’s role
  • What we expect of you
  • What you can do to prepare

Guide to Conciliation Conferences.

If you have further questions about conciliation conferences, please contact us.