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What to include when you lodge your dispute

When you lodge a dispute with us, it will assist if you send us all relevant information and documents. The information you provide should clearly outline what has happened and what outcome you are seeking to resolve your dispute. The documents you provide should be those that are relevant to the issues in dispute. We have listed examples of these documents below. The information you provide will help us assess and deal with your dispute.

Different information and documents will normally be required for different types of disputes, but as a general rule what you provide will fit into these categories:


Evidence / supporting documents

This is the information, reports, assessments, photos, receipts, correspondence, bank and other financial statements that provide background to your dispute and which are relevant to the issues you have raised.



This is the remedy, including any sum of money, or other outcome that you are seeking to resolve your dispute. Any relevant calculations of a claim for financial compensation should be provided. You should also include documents, or references to documents that help us understand how you calculated your claim.


Timeline / chronology
of events

This tells us what happened and when. The more complex the dispute, the more important this is. It also helps us to understand the sequence of events that have happened in relation to your dispute.

Presentation of Information

If you have access to a computer, typing your documents using a simple font makes it easier to read. Where you want to comment on information provided in correspondence or other documents provided by the financial services provider, please do this in a separate document. Simply refer to the financial services provider's document and, where possible, the paragraph you are commenting on. It is important not to write notes directly onto dispute documents as it can make it harder to interpret your comments and it also alters the primary evidence.

If it is available, please provide the Financial Ombudsman Service with a copy of any correspondence you have received from the financial services provider in relation to your dispute.

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