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Chief Ombudsman's Message


Welcome to the Winter 2012 issue of The Circular.

You’ll notice that this issue looks quite different to previous issues. We have refreshed the design, format and structure of The Circular to make it even more engaging and easy to navigate.

So that you will be able to quickly peruse the contents of each issue and find the articles you are most interested in, we will be using a consistent set of sections in every issue. The new sections – and an idea of what they will cover – are as follows:

  • The FOS Approach – articles on our dispute-handling process and our approach to specific types of disputes and issues
  • FOS News – the latest information about our training programs, events, publications, resources and major projects
  • FOS Forum – broader and more personal discussions about dispute resolution in the financial services sector, including ‘day in the life’ profiles, interviews and tips
  • Systemic Issues – quarterly updates on the systemic issues we are investigating or have resolved
  • Case Studies – examples of how we approach specific types of disputes
  • Statistics – quarterly reports on the numbers of disputes we have received and closed.

The dispute statistics are a new feature. We want to publish quarterly updates so that you can follow the trends in the volume and types of disputes we receive and the volume and outcomes of the disputes we resolve. We are also planning, in future issues, to include extra data reports that spotlight particular products or issues.

You will also see a renewed focus on case studies in The Circular. We have always included case studies in The Circular, but we wanted to include more of them and make them easier to find. Most articles in the ‘FOS Approach’ section will include a case study. You can also find all the case studies in an issue grouped together in the ‘Case Studies’ section.

One of the FOS News articles in this issue, ‘Changes at FOS’, outlines some structural changes we are making at FOS – in particular, the introduction of three Executive General Manager roles and a new Senior Leadership Group. These changes, which will take effect in July/August this year, are designed to ensure that FOS has the structure and resources to thrive over the next three years.

We hope you like the new Circular and we welcome your feedback on it. You can email feedback and suggestions to


Shane Tregillis