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Changes at FOS


As part of our business planning, we have been looking at what we need to do to build on our significant achievements and thrive over the next three years.

FOS has grown rapidly since it formed in 2008. We are now a larger, more complex organisation, operating in a more demanding environment. We face the increasing volume and complexity of disputes, a growing expectation of rapid responses and volatile and changing financial markets - to name just a few of the challenges. Accordingly, we need a continued focus on developing both our technical expertise and our management capabilities.

As such, we have made some internal changes that include the introduction of three new senior executive roles - Executive General Managers - that will be part of a revamped Senior Leadership Group (SLG). The SLG will consist of the Chief Ombudsman, three Lead Ombudsmen and the three Executive General Managers.

The SLG will work closely with staff to position FOS to deliver service excellence in all that we do over the next three years. We will also be moving some teams within the organisation, to better align our structure with our goals, priorities and processes.

The organisational changes will take effect from July/August 2012, when the new executives are appointed. In the meantime, you should consider it business as usual in terms of how you contact and deal with FOS.

In around a month we will be publishing on our website our 2012-2013 Business Plan, which will contain more detail on our goals and initiatives.