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Process review


To help FOS best plan for the future, we are conducting a review of eight key Specialist Resolution Group process areas for dealing with disputes. The review will assess our current way of working in these areas and determine the best use of people and resources to achieve our business objectives of reducing the backlog and delivering dispute services in a trusted and efficient manner.

One of the areas that we are currently reviewing is the Issues Letter process. An Issues Letter is correspondence FOS may send to the parties to a dispute that outlines the case manager’s understanding of the issues raised, seeks a response from the parties to inconsistencies or gaps in the submissions on file and requests further information necessary to resolve the dispute by a decision. Issues letters are used by FOS, if required, as an initial step in our investigation of disputes that have not been resolved at an earlier stage of the FOS process.

As part of our review, if you have been a party to an Issues Letter, we would value your feedback. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey on the usefulness of Issues Letters (click here). The survey will close on 30 September.