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Links to case studies on the FOS website


Did you know that there are case studies available on our website? They are based on actual disputes that we have dealt with, and reflect the trends in issues that we see coming to us.

Banking & Finance case studies

  • Chargebacks (added December 2009)
  • Financial Planning and the Aged Pension
  • Early Repayment Costs
  • Financial Hardship
  • Merchant’s EFTPOS Facility
  • Property Purchase by Bank Officer
  • Inadequate Insurance Policy
  • Disputed ATM Withdrawals
  • Disability - Protective Measure Fails
  • Maladministration in Granting Loan
  • A Hasty Return
  • A Frozen Account
  • Progress Payment to Builder
  • Reports to Credit Reporting Agency
  • Unauthorised Credit Card Transaction
  • Unsolicited Credit Limit Increase

General Insurance case studies

  • Maximum demerit points (added December 2009)
  • Travel insurance and exclusion for “insurrection”
  • Accident Insurance
  • Legal Costs, Cover & Utmost Good Faith

Investments, Life Insurance & Superannuation case studies

  • Stockbroking (added December 2009)
  • Superannuation
  • Stockbroking
  • Life Insurance

You can read our case studies at