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Consumer strategy


A major focus of our Strategic Plan for the next three years is to enhance our public role and key stakeholder relationships.

This year we have developed a comprehensive consumer engagement strategy. The aims of the strategy are to:

  • provide Consumer Representatives (the people who represent vulnerable and disadvantaged groups) the opportunity to share ideas and information with us to help us enhance our service delivery
  • educate and inform our stakeholders about FOS’s role and processes, in order to deepen and clarify their understanding about external dispute resolution 
  • create and maintain a robust feedback channel through which we can share issues and ideas which can then be prioritised and addressed in a timely manner.

As part of this strategy, we held the first Chief Ombudsman Roundtable on the first day of the National Conference in October. The Roundtable meetings will be held twice a year and are an opportunity for the Chief Ombudsman and FOS board to discuss a broad range of issues with around 20 senior consumer representatives from across Australia.  

Some of the topics covered at the first Roundtable were:

  • the information provided to applicants during the FOS process
  • access to FOS
  • settlement terms
  • promotion of external dispute resolution schemes
  • scope of approach to financial hardship.

In 2013, we are continuing our engagement starting with a FOS Consumer Forum in Queensland, which will be held in March. For more information on the forum or on any aspect of our consumer engagement strategy, please email