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Issue 13 - Autumn 2013

Chief Ombudsman's Message

In our three-year strategic plan released last year, we outlined our commitment to share our knowledge and experience with both our members and the consumer sector. We want to share this knowledge so that everyone can learn from the significant number of disputes we see each ye...READ MORE

Image of the Chief Ombudsman for the winter 2012 issue of the circular.

The FOS Approach

The FOS Approach to financial difficulty disputes

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to understand how we consider disputes about particular issues. This includes the different elements we will consider and the relevant Codes, legal principles, obligations and industry best practice that we will apply. We want...READ MORE


FOS News

Upcoming events

An update on the FOS National Conference 2014 and a summary of events coming up over the next few months including the External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Forum in Sydney, General Insurance Open Forums, and Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Workshops. FOS National Conference Octo...READ MORE

Best practice complaint resolution - workshops for internal dispute resolution

FOS has engaged the services of Nina Harding for a number of years now to run 'Excellence in Internal Dispute Resolution Workshops' around Australia each year. Nina outlines below what these sessions are about and why you should attend one, if you have not already. During the F...READ MORE

Stakeholder research

A major focus of our three year business strategy is to enhance our public role and stakeholder engagement. To this end, we are currently undertaking a significant piece of stakeholder research that will help us to better understand all our stakeholders - financial services pro...READ MORE

Streamlining our process to provide a better service

As our Chief Ombudsman, Shane Tregillis, outlined in the previous edition of the Circular, FOS has embarked on an ambitious program to improve the services we provide to the individuals and financial services providers who use our dispute services. Our focus remains on how we c...READ MORE

Finance Annual Assessment

It's annual assessment time again. Over the past month or so our members have been completing their annual business assessments. The assessment forms must be completed by all members (except authorised credit representatives). The assessment information is used to calculate a m...READ MORE

Conciliation Update - General Insurers get on board

One method we use to try to resolve disputes is conciliation, which offers the parties in dispute the chance to get together on the phone and talk through their dispute with the help of an independent FOS Conciliator. Conciliation conferences are confidential and voluntary for ...READ MORE

Under the spotlight -Jamie Orchard

Jamie Orchard heads FOS's Specialist Resolution Group as its Executive General Manager. The Specialist Resolution Group (SRG) conducts detailed investigations and decision-making on disputes that can't be resolved by agreement. It also includes the Specialist Conciliation team ...READ MORE

Postcards from...Far North Queensland

The Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network (ICAN) provides consumer education, advocacy and financial counselling services to Indigenous consumers across the nation. With the many recent natural disasters in Queensland, the need for financial counsellors in that area has risen ...READ MORE


Systemic Issues

Systemic Issues update

This article summarises new systemic issues that we identified during the December quarter of 2012 and reported to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It also provides an update on some current and recently resolved systemic issue investigations, a summ...READ MORE


Case studies

Case studies

This is a collection of case studies that have appeared elsewhere in this edition of The Circular. It includes: Giving consideration where all information is not available, Home loan, When financial difficulty cannot be overcome, and more. Giving consideration where all informa...READ MORE



Statistics report

The following statistics are for the period October to December 2012. We are going to add the statistics for January to March 2013 shortly. Future editions of the Circular will report on the quarterly period immediately before the publication date. Total disputes received We re...READ MORE


Other News

Recent events

We have been involved in a number of events in the first few months of 2013. The events have covered many topics, including financial difficulty, natural disasters, industry codes, general insurance and FOS processes. Here is a sample of where we have been in the last few mon...READ MORE