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Finance Annual Assessment


It's annual assessment time again. Over the past month or so our members have been completing their annual business assessments.

The assessment forms must be completed by all members (except authorised credit representatives).

The assessment information is used to calculate a member’s base levy for 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014. In some cases, we also ask members to submit further information that we can then use to compile the comparative tables.

All members (except authorised credit representatives) received a detailed email from us about the assessment process.

Thank you to those members who submitted their annual business assessment forms by the deadline. For those of you who are yet to submit your assessment, we have extended the deadline until 8 May 2013.

Members who are yet to complete their annual assessment are asked to please log on to the FOS Secure Services portal and do so as soon as possible.

If you are yet to register for Secure Services, you can click here to register.

Withdrawing from FOS Membership

If you are not renewing your membership you will need to withdraw your membership from FOS. Please submit your withdrawal request by completing the Online Cancellation form available through Secure Services – click here to login or click here to register. Once logged in, select ‘Cancel Membership’ to view the process involved and to submit your withdrawal request.

Need help or more information?

If you have any queries about the assessment, please email or call 1300 565 562 and select option 4.