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Stakeholder research


A major focus of our three year business strategy is to enhance our public role and stakeholder engagement. To this end, we are currently undertaking a significant piece of stakeholder research that will help us to better understand all our stakeholders - financial services provider members, consumer representatives, industry associations and consumer associations. With this knowledge, we can then design and undertake targeted stakeholder engagement work that reflects what our stakeholders need and want.

We have engaged an independent research company, DBM Consulting, to undertake the research on our behalf. The qualitative component of the research is now complete – DBM conducted 95 interviews, which represented 58 organisations covering the areas of banking and finance, general insurance, investments, stockbroking and industry associations. They also interviewed 16 community organisations.

The quantitative component is now underway, and an online survey has been sent to our entire member base and approximately 500 consumer representatives.

If you received a request to complete the online survey, we encourage you to find some time to complete it so that you can have your say about FOS. The more responses we receive, the better we will be able to service your needs. The survey closes on 9 May 2013.

We expect to receive the final report from DBM Consulting in June 2013. We will share the results with you when they are finalised.