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Streamlining our process to provide a better service


As our Chief Ombudsman, Shane Tregillis, outlined in the previous edition of the Circular, FOS has embarked on an ambitious program to improve the services we provide to the individuals and financial services providers who use our dispute services. Our focus remains on how we can improve the timeliness and other aspects of the quality of the dispute services we provide.

Over the past six months we have undertaken the Key Performance Review project, with the aim of improving our dispute handling process to provide an easier and more efficient system for our members and consumers.

The project thoroughly reviewed every aspect of our FOS case management process involving our specialist teams, and identified significant improvements to our process.

Once we determined the areas to focus on, we contacted a number of our members who would be most impacted by the changes, as well as key industry associations and consumer representative groups, and discussed the proposed changes with them.

The majority of the proposed improvements have been implemented, and as a result the Specialist Resolution Group now has a more aligned and streamlined process for dealing with disputes that progress to this stage. Our new way of working is going to have a positive impact for all of us – consumers, members and staff alike.

The new process involves adapting the way we work. Key improvements include:

  • Streamlining the process for obtaining information from the parties and for exchanging that information.
  • Increasing direct telephone contact with consumers and FSPs.
  • Relying more on electronic forms of communication.
  • Using issues letters, in conjunction with telephone calls, to clarify issues earlier in the process.

In order for us to track the effectiveness of the new process, we will continue to consult with a number of members about the improvements. In a few months, we will also invite all members who access Secure Services to take part in a survey which will help us understand the impact of the process change.