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Issue 16 - January 2014

Efficient and effective communication


We are committed to making our work efficient and effective, and that includes ensuring all our communications are effective and easily understood.

In particular, we want to make sure that our decision documents are able to be understood by everyone involved in a dispute, so we’re going to run a pilot program to introduce what we call “short form Recommendations”. The new short form Recommendations will be significantly shorter than traditional Recommendations, and will be easier to read.

Of course, we’re also committed to the thorough investigation of the issues in dispute, and that won’t change. Our case managers will still undertake the same level of analysis before they issue a short form Recommendation, but the document will explain their findings in a shorter, more easily understood way.

We will initially introduce the new short form Recommendations in a limited number of disputes, and as we assess their effectiveness we will look to use them more widely. We look forward to providing updates as the pilot progresses.