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Issue 18 - August 2014

Under the spotlight: Eugene Wetangula


The teenage Eugene Wetangula didn’t know a soul when he moved from Nairobi to Melbourne to study at Monash University. Almost a decade later, some of the students he sat next to in his first lecture remain his closest friends.

Eugene has worked at FOS for four years and it’s a sure bet that the few staff who haven’t shared a conversation with him are at least familiar with his smile.

It’s not just his affable nature that makes Eugene an asset to FOS, though. His work throughout FOS’s recent Project 500 – which successfully reduced our Banking and Finance Recommendation list by more than 500 disputes – captured the admiration of FOS’s executive team.

Eugene loved working on the 11-month project and says he learnt a lot.

“It was a big change for me: I went from working as a dispute analyst to a case manager. Though I was working on fewer cases than in my previous role, they were more intense because I was bringing some finality to a case,’’ Eugene said.

Project 500 was part of FOS’s broader push to reduce dispute handling times and enhance the quality of our resolution process. Eugene said it was exciting to know FOS would be able to offer consumers and financial services providers a better service in future.

Eugene is legally trained and said he came to FOS not only because he wanted a good work/life balance but because he wasn’t attracted to the idea of working in an adversarial system based on win/loss.

“I had done some community legal centre work and found it really rewarding. In a lot of ways I find what we do at FOS similar in that you are trying to get people to think outside the box to solve a problem.’’

Outside work, Eugene is keeping busy completing a Doctorate in Juridical Science. When he isn’t studying he spends his time out with friends, watching live music and sport.