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Issue 21 - April 2015

Annual Assessment


Annual Assessment
We would like to thank all FSP members who have submitted their annual business assessment forms. The deadline for submission has now expired and if you have not submitted your information, you may incur additional fees. If you wish to avoid incurring additional fees please submit your information immediately.

All members (except authorised credit representatives) are required to submit their annual assessment form, as we use this information to calculate base membership levies. For some members, we also use this form to gather information to compile the comparative tables. It’s easy to submit your form - simply go to Secure Services.

Membership Renewal Invoices
An invoice will be available for you to download from Secure Services from 24 June 2015.

As long as this invoice is paid by 30 July 2015 your membership will remain effective.

We will email you when this invoice is available.

Fee review
Over the last 18 months, we have been consulting with our members on our proposed fees and charges. These proposed fees and charges are in line with our new dispute processes which have been designed to achieve a faster and fairer outcome for applicants and Financial Services Providers (FSPs) and will apply from 1 July 2015. Members can view additional details about this by logging into Secure Services.