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Issue 22 - July 2015

New consumer contact number for FOS Australia


FOS Australia is pleased to provide callers with a free call option with the addition of a 1800 number: 1800 367 287 (or 1800 FOS AUS). Calls to this number are free of charge to callers, with FOS bearing the cost of the call (for the vast majority of callers, however some mobile phone plans incur charges to 1800 numbers).

The FOS 1300 number (cost of a local call from landlines) is still operational, and will remain in place for a number of years.

FOS's member contact number remains 1300 56 55 62

We have also recently added ‘Australia’ to our name in a range of communications, to distinguish us from FOS UK and to better communicate that we are a national service.

What do members need to do?
Nothing for now. There is no need for members to immediately update their advice to consumers about how to contact FOS Australia. However, members who are updating their communications, publications, websites or other collateral may wish to progressively update the FOS number to the 1800 number and refer to FOS in future communications as FOS Australia.

Updated consumer information brochures are available on the Brochures section of FOS’s website and may be ordered via the website. There is also a new video for consumers on the new process.

Like to know more?
FOS added the 1800 number as an additional number for service users in the interests of increasing the accessibility of FOS. This free call number became effective as of July 1, to coincide with the launch of our new process. We have added this 1800 number as an additional choice for service users, however it does not replace the 1300 number which is still effective and will be for at least the next two years.

Our expectation is that members will gradually update their communications about how to contact FOS, including the 1800 number, and reference to FOS Australia,  as they update their publications and communications over the next few years. Our web and consumer contact email addresses remain the same: /