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Professional Development for Members

Education Programs

Dispute resolution process 
FOS E-learning modules 

FOS has developed 3 on-line learning sessions which take you through some of the key aspects of the Terms of Reference (TOR) and Operational Guidelines (OGs) as they apply to our dispute resolution process.

Session 1 is a very quick overview of FOS.
Session 2 is about Registration and Acceptance
Session 3 is about Case Management and Outcomes


The sessions are designed for anyone who is interested in understanding how the process, the TOR and the OGs work in practice.


You and your colleagues can work through all of the sessions and/or dip in and out to review a particular aspect of the FOS approach.


Session 1 takes about 20 minutes and sessions 2 and 3 take about 30 minutes each.


There is no limit on how often anyone uses the sessions.

There is no charge for using the sessions.

You can provide the link to the sessions to anyone who needs or wants to understand more about FOS and they can log in – all they need is an email address.

The link to the online learning sessions  is:


IDR excellence programme 
FOS presentations 

In response to FOS members’ feedback and requests, we have developed a new professional development programme focussed on supporting excellence in resolving disputes at IDR and EDR.


Members asked for more information about the characteristics of the most effective IDR and EDR we are seeing and practical information to enhance the delivery of dispute resolution services.


We have developed a programme which has a number of modules aimed at building good working relationships with our members by providing some insight and discussion about:

  • What members want from FOS and what we are doing in response
  • A summary of the dispute resolution process
  • How to respond to a dispute at FOS
  • How FOS is funded
  • A snapshot of the business imperatives for IDR including FOS’s approach to external reporting of comparative data
  • An overview of the key challenges for IDR as FOS sees them including systemic issues
  • How FOS approaches systemic issues and serious misconduct
  • Important steps in the process for achieving a resolution
  • Professional dispute resolution behaviours        
  • Fundamentals of negotiation            
  • Principles for communicating a decision                                    
  • The skill set we look for in a dispute resolver (as opposed to a complaint handler).


Our presentation can be tailored to:

  • include those modules which best suit a member’s business needs
  • spend more time on areas of particular interest
  • provide snapshots only.


The key issues for us to correctly tailor our presentation are to know who will be attending and how long they have. The minimum time is 2 hours, the maximum is an all day session.


If you would like to arrange a session, please contact Bae Bastian ( or ph: (03) 9613 7365) or Anita Wynne ( or ph: (03) 9613 6377).


Behavioural skills 
Frontline Complaints videos available online

These modules include:

  • Complaint Handling Fundamentals
  • Dealing with Challenging Customer Behaviour
  • Financial Hardship
  • Building Rapport with Customers
  • Saying No Nicely.

There is a small charge for members to access this information:


IDR workshops – basic and advanced
Workshops by Nina Harding and FOS

There are two all-day workshops featuring a mix of presentations and practical exercises. The first workshop, Resolving Customer Complaints 1, provides a best practice approach to complaint handling. Resolving Customer Complaints 2, the second workshop, builds on the basic knowledge gained in the first workshop. The modules in each workshop will be tailored to attendees’ learning objectives.

The program is highly recommended by those who attend it and features:

  • Highly qualified presenters
  • A mix of instruction, videos, demonstrations and exercises to make learning easy
  • Class takeaways: a manual and factsheets

Compliance with the requirements for Continuing Professional Development points from the Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited (FPA), National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) and Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)..

The training will suit:

  • Customer-facing staff who must resolve disputes
  • Staff members who are new to dealing with FOS
  • Managers looking for a good team-building exercise that will help develop a unified resolution approach.


Workshop Dates


16,17 IDR Workshops - Brisbane
23,24 IDR Workshops - Perth
16,17 IDR Workshops - Melbourne
 30,31 IDR Workshops - Adelaide
11,12 IDR Workshops - Sydney






If you are interested in attending, please contact Karen Driessen, Team Assistant, Communiciations, Policy and Relations at or ph: (03) 8623 2033.


FOS Members Conference 2011

Mark 2 - 3 June, 2011 in your diary for the next FOS Members Conference. 

This major event will take place in Melbourne.  It aims to showcase best practice across a number of dispute resolution disciplines through workshops, panel discussion and cases studies; as well as explain our role and our processes.  A must do for all financial professionals seeking to increase levels of customer service for their business.