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FOS Feedback

In December 2010, FOS introduced a new feedback process for stakeholders who have complaints, compliments and suggestions about our service. The process is being managed by our Complaints and Feedback Team, which consists of Silvia Renda (Manager, Business Planning & Assurance) and Andrew Clarke (Complaints Analyst).

Why we have introduced the new process

ASIC Regulatory Guide 139 requires external dispute resolution schemes like FOS to have a process for receiving and considering complaints about the operation of the scheme. The process we have established actually exceeds the requirements set by ASIC. We recognise the value of having an accessible, efficient process for handling complaints and other feedback from stakeholders.


Our new feedback process will help us to continually improve our service and promote trust among our members, applicants and other stakeholders. We will use the feedback process not only to identify and fix particular problems that our stakeholders are having, but also to learn more broadly about any weaknesses (and strengths) in our organisation and the service we provide. Our Complaints and Feedback Team will analyse the root causes of problems and make recommendations to our management team, who will then set in place policies to remedy the problems.

How to provide feedback to FOS

We have set up a feedback page on our website that includes a feedback form that stakeholders can fill out online: Stakeholders can also provide feedback to us by calling 1300 78 08 08 or by sending a letter (and supporting documents) to the Financial Ombudsman Service, GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001.

Feedback about disputes

Whatever the outcome of a dispute, it is important that we have made it easy for both parties to understand our process and have remained professional in all our dealings with them.


Stakeholders can provide feedback about how we have handled a dispute – how long we have taken, how professional and efficient we have been and how clearly we have communicated to them.

Ombudsman and Panel decisions

Our feedback process cannot review complaints about Ombudsman and Panel decisions. Under our new Terms of Reference, which came into effect on 1 January 2010, Ombudsman and Panel decisions are final and not open for review by FOS. Our feedback process can only review complaints about our handling of a dispute (i.e. about our service).

How FOS handles feedback


We take complaints about our service very seriously. If a person’s complaint cannot be resolved immediately, we will send them an acknowledgment letter within seven days of their making the complaint.


Once we have considered all their concerns, we will send them a response letter. If we agree that their complaint about our service is justified, we will explain how we will rectify the problem and how we plan to ensure that the problem does not occur again. We aim to send the response letter within 28 days of sending the acknowledgment letter.


If for any reason we are not able to conclude our review within 28 days, we will send a progress letter explaining why we need more time and stating the date by which we will send a full response.

Compliments and suggestions

Compliments and suggestions from stakeholders will help us review and improve our services. We will not send a response or contact the stakeholder unless they ask us to do so, but we will disseminate their feedback to the relevant people within our organisation.