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Chief Ombudsman's Message

Welcome to Issue 6 of The Circular.


This issue highlights two major enhancements to our website. The first is our new Systemic Issues online learning module. Upon completing this training, members will be more familiar with the FOS approach to Systemic Issues Management and understand how this process can help with their risk management framework. Secondly, members are now able to register and log in to a Secure Services area of our website to view a range of information, including member’s contact details, case information and reports.


We also flag the release of our 2011–2012 Business Plan, which summarises what we achieved in 2010–2011 and outlines what we plan to achieve in 2010–2012.


Other topics we cover in this issue include:

  • opt-out class actions
  • risk profiling
  • a change of process affecting parties’ ability to make multiple submissions
  • systemic issues update.


As always, we welcome your feedback and your suggestions for topics for future issues, please email The Circular is designed to support dispute resolution by providing practical information and explaining our approach on substantive issues.


Colin's Signature


Colin Neave

Chief Ombudsman