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ILIS Process Changes

Make your best case early!

ILIS Change of process affecting parties’ ability to make multiple submissions

Our Investments, Life Insurance and Superannuation (ILIS) team has recently changed some of its processes, to ensure that we deal with disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The change in process is that once your dispute is referred to a Case Manager* in the ILIS decision team, you won’t necessarily be invited to provide another submission before a Recommendation is prepared and issued.

So, our message to you is:  Make your best case early!

Parties should provide:

  • comprehensive submissions; and
  • all relevant material

at the start of our process, that is, when the dispute is with the Early Resolution Team.

Previous process – Issues letter

Previously, within the FOS ILIS area, your Dispute Analyst referred disputes that did not resolve at case management or conciliation in the Early Resolution Team to a Panel Case Manager (now Case Manager) for further review and investigation, before we issued a Recommendation.

In a letter known as an “Issues Letter”, the Panel Case Manager would write to the parties:

  • about the issues in dispute;
  • request further evidence; and
  • invite the parties to make further submissions or comments.

New process

Now, for most cases proceeding from case management or conciliation in the Early Resolution Team to Recommendation, our Case Managers in the decisions team will no longer send “Issues Letters” to the parties.

We may still write to the parties and ask them to provide more information before we issue our Recommendation but we will not necessarily invite the parties to make their own further submissions or comments.

In summary, parties should be aware that:

  • they should provide all comments about a dispute as early as possible in our process; and
  • once our team decides that a dispute is unlikely to resolve by agreement, parties may not have an opportunity to make further comments before we issue a Recommendation.

If you have any questions about our new process, please contact your Case Manager in the ILIS decisions team.

* previously called Panel Case Managers