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Secure Services



In June 2011 we launched a major new service for our members – a Secure Services area on our website. It is designed to streamline and enhance communication between FOS and its members. We will also be developing Secure Services for our other stakeholders, including consumers and consumer representatives.


Many of our members have already registered for access to the Secure Services area, and we encourage all our members to do so. See the instructions below on how to register.

What services are on offer?

Here are the first four services we are or soon will be offering.


1. Manage contact details – AVAILABLE NOW
A member can review and update their contact details in the Secure Services pages. Any changes they make will feed directly into our membership database.


2. Online reports – AVAILABLE NOW
FOS sends monthly reports on disputes still open and disputes closed to members who have had one or more open disputes during the month. Starting with the July 2011 report, members now receive their monthly reports through Secure Services. They will no longer receive them as attachments to emails.


This new reporting method has several advantages over the previous method:


  • ARCHIVING. The Secure Services area will serve as an archive of all a member’s reports. So members will no longer need to worry about storing (and potentially losing) emails and PDF files. The archive will cover not just July 2011 onwards, but the entire period in which our current Terms of Reference have been operating – that is, from 1 January 2010 onwards.
  • CASE SEARCHING. Members will be able to search for a particular case or all the cases that meet certain criteria (status, product, issue, date received, date closed, etc.). For example, a member could search for all financial difficulty disputes about home loans that were brought to FOS by one of their customers between 1 July and 30 December 2010.
  • MULTIPLE FORMATS. Reports can viewed online or downloaded as a PDF or Excel file, so there should be a format to suit every purpose.


3. Online invoicing – COMING SOON
The next service coming to the Secure Services area is invoicing. Members will be able to view, print and pay invoices online. More information about the new invoicing system will be emailed to members’ finance contacts when the service is ready to launch.


4. Reporting dashboard – COMING SOON
FOS sends to members who have had open disputes a Summary of Dispute Activity report at the end of each quarter. This report is being developed into an interactive Reporting Dashboard that will sit within the Secure Services area.

How to start using the Secure Services area

FOS members can register now for access to the Secure Services area (if they haven’t done so already).


Please note that you must be listed as a contact for your business in FOS’s membership database to be able to register. FOS holds the contact details of one or more staff from each member in its membership database. All the contact information in our database has been supplied by our members.


The registration process includes an authorisation step for added security. Use the blue help buttons during registration for guidance.


Once you have registered, you can log in to the Secure Services area of the website with a unique combination of your member number, first name, surname and password.

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions or feedback about the Secure Services facility or you have any trouble registering, logging in or using the Secure Services pages, please email