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The Early Resolution Team

Information about the FOS Early Resolution Team


The FOS Early Resolution Team (ERT) deals with disputes up to the point of referral for a Recommendation or Determination.  The ERT is responsible for the Registration, Acceptance and Early Case Management stages of our dispute resolution process. 

The ERT handles all incoming calls to FOS, registers all new disputes that have not been through internal dispute resolution with a Financial Services Provider and conducts initial assessment of jurisdiction on all new disputes. The ERT is also responsible for resolving disputes in early case management through negotiation, conciliation and assessment.

The primary objective of the ERT is to resolve disputes by agreement between the parties in a timely and effective manner, through negotiation, conciliation and early merits assessment.  In the last 12 months, 85% of disputes dealt with by the ERT were finalised without requiring a Recommendation or Determination to be made by FOS.

Disputes that are not resolved through Early Case Management by the ERT are referred to one of the three FOS Decisions Teams – Banking and Finance, General Insurance and Investments, Life Insurance and Superannuation - for further investigation and decision making.

The ERT is currently comprised of the following teams, which handle disputes during the different stages of our dispute resolution process:

ERT Registration Team

The Registration Team processes all new disputes received by FOS and handles all of the incoming calls to our 1300 780 808 number.  New disputes that have not yet been raised directly with a Financial Services Provider are registered by the Team and the details are sent to the Financial Services Provider. 

After a dispute has been registered and referred to the Financial Services Provider, if the Applicant subsequently contacts FOS and advises that their dispute has not been resolved, the dispute is progressed to Acceptance stage of our dispute resolution process.

ERT Acceptance Teams

FOS has four Acceptance Teams, which deal with all of the different dispute types handled by FOS.  The Acceptance Teams are responsible for assessing jurisdiction on disputes received by FOS that have been through internal dispute resolution. The Acceptance Teams also refer disputes to the Financial Services Provider for an initial response. 

If a new dispute does not come within our Terms of Reference, an Acceptance Team Dispute Officer will advise the Applicant in writing and will provide details of any organisation that may be able to assist the Applicant.  The Acceptance Teams also obtain additional information from Applicants that will assist FOS to consider and resolve disputes.

ERT Early Case Management Team

FOS has four Early Case Management Teams, which deal with all of the different dispute types handled by FOS.  If disputes are not resolved after they are initially referred to Financial Services Providers for a response, Dispute Analysts in the Early Case Management Teams are responsible for then conducting the initial investigation and consideration of the disputes, and they resolve disputes primarily through negotiation and early merits assessment.

ERT Conciliation Team

The ERT Conciliation Team is responsible for conducting conciliation conferences on all of the different dispute types handled by FOS, except for financial difficulty disputes.  Financial difficulty disputes are conciliated by the Financial Difficulty Case Management Team, which is part of the FOS Banking and Finance specialist Team.

Most of the conciliation conferences conducted by Conciliators in the ERT Conciliation Team are done by teleconference.  In the last 12 months 75% of disputes conciliated by the Team have been resolved by agreement.