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General Business


The next FOS Annual General Meeting will be held 10 November, 2011 at the FOS offices.

An invite will be sent to FOS members outlining the details closer to the date.


Telephony System Upgrade

FOS is upgrading its telephony system for the first time since it formed in 2008. People calling FOS will benefit from having their calls answered more quickly and consistently and transferred to the appropriate person in FOS more efficiently.

The upgrade includes a move to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology – an automated answering system using a recorded voice and interactive menus. The IVR answering system will be used on our membership line (1300 56 55 62) and consumer line (1300 78 08 08).

It is not just a technology upgrade. Our call-handling processes will be streamlined and clearly documented, and all FOS staff will receive training in how the new system works. We will also be developing a quality assessment framework and a clear understanding across the organisation of what represents an ideal “FOS call”.

We are currently trialling the new system on our membership line.