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Flood Determinations

In an effort to help consumers and industry better understand the trends in flood-related disputes, we have brought together a selection of relevant Determinations that highlight common topics.

The FOS Circular Flood Edition focuses on three main areas:

  • whether the consumer was clearly informed of policy coverage
  • whether the consumer had received all pertinent documentation
  • the use and analysis of Hydrology Reports as well as the application of exclusion clauses

The summaries provided as examples relating to these three areas are top-line guides to the Determinations, and in all instances the original Determinations should be read in order to properly understand the findings.

To enable you to easily read relevant findings, hyperlinks have been inserted within the publication that link directly to each Determination.

Please click HERE to access The Circular Flood Edition, which will be regularly updated as new Determinations are made and new trends appear.