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We are regularly adding new tools and features to our Secure Services Site, and we wanted to give you an update.


  • Services for consumer representatives
  • Services for members
  • How to start using Secure Services

Services for consumer representatives

We have developed a prototype Secure Services Site for legal aid workers and other consumer representatives who regularly represent clients in disputes at FOS.

In February and March, we are trialling the prototype with staff from Legal Aid NSW. After the trial, we will launch the site and encourage all consumer representatives who engage with FOS to register.

As we have done for members, we will progressively add new services for consumer representatives. Initially, consumer representatives will be able to register their contact details with FOS and fill out an online dispute form that has been pre-populated with their contact details. In future, they will be able to view the current status of their disputes(s).

Services for members

Here are the services for members we already offer or soon will be offering through Secure Services.

1. Contact details – AVAILABLE NOW
A member can review and update their contact details and contact types. Any changes they make will feed directly into our membership database and link to our case management system.

2. Dispute reports – AVAILABLE NOW
FOS sends monthly reports on disputes still open and disputes closed to members who have had any open disputes during the month. Members now receive these monthly reports through Secure Services. This new reporting method has significant benefits for members:


  • Archiving. The Secure Services Site serves as an archive of all a member’s reports. So members no longer need to worry about storing (and potentially losing) emails and PDF files. The archive covers the entire period in which our current Terms of Reference have been operating – that is, from 1 January 2010 onwards.
  • Multiple formats. The reports can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF or Excel file, so there should be a format to suit every purpose.

3. Case searching tool – AVAILABLE NOW
Members can search for a particular case or all the cases that meet certain criteria (status, product, issue, date received, date closed, etc). For example, a member could search for all financial difficulty disputes about home loans that were brought to FOS by one of its customers between 1 July and 30 December 2010.

The information for the case search tool is updated from our case management system every night. Members can get information about their active cases as well as historical information about closed cases. The results include contact details for the applicant and what stage the case is at within our process.

4. Membership certificate – AVAILABLE NOW
Members can download their certificate each year after paying their annual levy.

5. Invoicing – AVAILABLE NOW
Members can now pay invoices online by credit card. They can view the status of all their invoices, so they can see what is unpaid at any time, and they can print invoices (both paid and unpaid). There are also fact sheets explaining our funding model, case fees and user charge.

6. Systemic issue reports & case search tool – AVAILABLE NOW
Members who have had open systemic issues receive a report on these issues at the end of each month. The Secure Services Site serves as an archive of all a member’s systemic issues reports. It also includes a case search tool like the one for disputes (see above).

7. Disputes dashboard – COMING SOON
We are developing a disputes dashboard for external dispute resolution (EDR) managers. The dashboard will give the EDR manager of each of our members a summary of their organisation’s disputes (both open and closed), including data on how long disputes have been open for.

So that we can tailor the dashboard to the needs of EDR managers, we are currently trialling a prototype with nine of our members. Based on their feedback, we will refine the dashboard and then release it to all our members.

How to start using Secure Services

Many of our members have already registered for access to Secure Services, and we encourage all our members to do so.

Go to to obtain a username and password. You must be listed as a contact for your business in our membership database to be able to register. FOS holds the contact details of one or more staff from each member in its membership database.

For more detailed information on how to register, please refer to our Guide to Secure Services:

If you have any trouble registering for or using Secure Services, please email