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Upcoming Events

General Insurance Open Forums

Sydney – 24 April
Brisbane – 15 May


The aim of the Open Forums is to bring together those involved in the industry to discuss FOS Determinations and share insights. Based on members’ input at registration, our decision makers, where appropriate, prepare papers for discussion at the forums. These events are very popular, so registration is essential.


See for further details or email to register your interest.

Effective Management of ProfessionaI Indemnity Disputes at FOS

Brisbane – 11 May

We are holding a free seminar for professional indemnity insurer claims staff, underwriters, their legal advisors and others interested in our process for resolving professional indemnity disputes.

The seminar offers the opportunity to meet with relevant senior managers from FOS and hear from us, a PI insurer and a PI insurance lawyer about efficient and effective handling of these disputes.

The session will cover procedures, roles and case studies, including:

  • The role of FOS
  • Our Terms of Reference and monetary limits
  • Calculation of loss
  • How PI Insurers participate in the FOS process
  • Common approaches to common problems – case studies
  • Statistics on these disputes.

See for further details or email to register your interest.


External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Forum

Melbourne – 17 May


The EDR Forum, which FOS is a major contributor to, is an integral part of the calendar for many in the community sector. This year's event canvasses future directions for EDR and includes a number of practical sessions about getting the best out of EDR.


This full-day event featuring Australia’s EDR schemes is only available to financial counsellors, consumer advocates and EDR scheme staff.

See for more details and to register.