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There are a number of organisations in Australia which provide information and assistance to consumers. The list below includes some of these organisations.


Advertising Standards Bureau
A complaint about the content of marketing material can be referred here (for example, if the complaint is that the material is sexist, discriminatory, violent etc)


Asian Ombudsman Association
The Asian Ombudsman Association was established in 1996 as a non-governmental, non-political, independent and professional forum for Ombudsmen in Asia.The AOA currently has 23 members from 15 countries. If you are seeking an Ombudsman service in Asia visit:


Monitors cash transaction in and out of Australia and administers 100 point system requirements for opening accounts


Australian and New Zealand Ombudsman Association
ANZOA is a professional association for industry-based Ombudsman schemes, State and Commonwealth Parliamentary Ombudsmen and professional services Ombudsmen. For more information on - and links to - all participating members visit:


Australian Bankers Association


Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
The ACCC assesses complaints on business practices and provides guidance to both business and consumers on their rights and obligations under the Trade Practices Act and Prices Surveillance Act 1300 302 502

Australian Consumers Association

Australian Direct Marketing Association
Provides a 'Do Not Mail' service which allows you to add your name to a do not mail register. Once your name is added to the lists, ADMA members are obliged to remove you from their mailing lists. Non-members and businesses where you are a current customer are not obliged to remove you from their lists.


Australian Finance Conference

Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) 1300 364 785

Australian Guardianship and Administration Council
AGAC comprises all Australian State and Territory Public Advocates and Guardians, Public Trustees and Guardianship Boards and Tribunals. The role of AGAC member organisations is to protect adults who have a disability that impairs their capacity to make decisions and manage their affairs. For information about AGAC and links to its member organisations’ websites visit:


Australian Payments Clearing Association


Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
APRA is responsible for promoting prudent behaviour amongst financial institutions. Can provide advice/guidelines regarding the early release of superannuation benefits, but any application must be processed by the superannuation trustee. 1300 13 10 60


Australian Securities & Investment Commission
ASIC regulates and enforces consumer protection laws covering investments, superannuation, insurance and financial advice.
1300 300 630


Australian Stock Exchange


Australian Taxation Office


Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres
Information resources for older people, people with disabilities and those who provide care and services. Centres provide free and confidential information on community aged care, disability and other support services available in your area. To find the nearest Centre visit the website or call 1800 052 222


Commonwealth Ombudsman
Handles complaints about Commonwealth Government departments and authorities, including the Australian Federal Police, Australian Taxation Office, Australia Post, Centrelink, Child Support Agency and Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The Commonwealth Ombudsman is also the ACT Ombudsman. 1300 362 072


Community Legal Centres
The National Association of Community Legal Centres provides a directory of all associated centres in Australia. To find your nearest Community Legal Centre visit:


Consumer Affairs / Fair Trading

ACTOffice of Fair Trading 02 6207 0400

NSW NSW Fair Trading 13 32 20

NTConsumer Affairs 1800 019 319

QLDFair Trading 13 13 04

SAOffice of Consumer and Business Affairs 13 18 82

TASConsumer Affairs and Fair Trading 1300 654 499

VICConsumer Affairs Victoria 1300 558 181

WAConsumer Protection 1300 304 054


Consumer Credit Legal Centres
Telephone advice for consumers who have legal questions in relation to financial services.

ACTConsumer Law Centre 02 6257 1788

NSWConsumer Credit Legal Centre 1800 007 007 (NSW only)

SA - Consumer Credit Law Centre South Australia 08 8342 1800

TAS – Consumer Credit Hotline 1800 232 500

VICConsumer Action Law Centre 1800 466 477

WAConsumer Credit Legal Service 08 9221 7066


Credit and Investments Ombudsman
CIO offers an external dispute resolution service for consumers and member participants. 1800 138 422


Diners Club Australia 1300 360 060


Energy Ombudsman

ACT – refer to Commonwealth Ombudsman

NSWEnergy & Water Ombudsman NSW 1800 246 545

NT – refer to State Ombudsman

QLDEnergy Ombudsman Queensland 1800 662 837

SAEnergy Industry Ombudsman SA 1800 665 565

TASEnergy Ombudsman Tasmania 1800 001 170

VICEnergy & Water Ombudsman (Victoria) 1800 500 509

WAEnergy Ombudsman Western Australia 1800 754 004


Equal Opportunity Commission

ACTACT Human Rights Commission 02 6207 0576

NSWAnti-Discrimination Board 1800 670 812

NTAnti-Discrimination Commission 08 8981 3813

QLDAnti-Discrimination Commission 1300 130 670

SAEqual Opportunity Commission 1800 188 163

TASOffice of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner 1800 632 716

VICVictorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission 1300 891 848

WAEqual Opportunity Commission 1800 198 149


Everyday-Law provides easy-to understand legal information in one spot. It helps people solve legal problems and find free or low-cost legal advice in Victoria.


Finance Sector Union Of Australia


Financial Counselling Australia
Financial Counselling Australia is the peak body for financial counsellors in Australia. Financial counsellors provide a free, independent and confidential service. Find a financial counsellor in your State or Territory: 1800 007 007


Financial Ombudsman Services Overseas

CanadaOmbudsman for Banking Services and Investments

GreeceHellenic Ombudsman for Banking-Investment Services

New ZealandNew Zealand Banking Ombudsman

United KingdomFinancial Ombudsman Service


Financial Planning Association
The peak professional organisation representing the financial planning sector in Australia Consumers 1800 626 393 | Members 1800 337 301


Financial Services Council
National not-for-profit organisation representing Australia's retail and wholesale funds management businesses, superannuation funds, life insurers, financial advisory networks, licensed trustee companies and public trustees. 02 9299 3022


Health Services Commissioner 1800 136 066


Private Health Insurance Ombudsman 1800 640 695


Human Rights Commission


Insurance Council of Australia 1800 734 621


Land Registry

ACTOffice of Regulatory Services

NSWLand and Property Information

NTDepartment of Justice Land Titles Office

QLDDepartment of Environment and Resource Management

SADepartment for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure

TASDepartment of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

VICDepartment of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure

WAWestern Australian Land Information Authority


LawAccess NSW
LawAccess NSW is a free government telephone service that provides legal information, advice and referrals for people who have a legal problem in NSW. The service assists in particular people who live in regional, rural and remote areas of NSW, are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, have a disability, are from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background, are at risk of harm or have an urgent legal problem. 1300 888 529


Law Society Referral Services

ACTACT Law Society

NSWNSW Law Society

NTLaw Society Northern Territory

QLDQueensland Law Society

SALaw Society of South Australia

TASLaw Society of Tasmania

VICLaw Institute of Victoria

WALaw Society of Western Australia


Legal Aid Commission
National Legal Aid represents the Directors of all eight Legal Aid Commissions in Australia. Find the Legal Aid Commission for your State / Territory by visiting:


Legal Complaints Services

ACTLaw Society ACT

NSWLegal Services Commissioner

NTLaw Society of the Northern Territory

QLDQueensland Law Society

SALegal Practitioners Conduct Board

TASLegal Profession Board of Tasmania

VICLegal Services Commissioner

WALegal Practice Board of Western Australia


Life Line (24 hour support service)
13 11 14


Not-for-profit Victorian Government service providing free, confidential financial counselling advice for Victorians experiencing job loss or reduced working hours


National Advocacy Network
National Toll-free Advocacy Service: 1800 700 600

ACTDisability, Aged and Carers Advocacy Service

NSWThe Aged-Care Rights Service

QLDSeniors Enquiry Line

SAAged Rights Advocacy Service

TASAdvocacy Tasmania

VIC Elder Rights Advocacy



National Farmers Federation

ACTNational Farmers Federation

NSWNSW Farmers' Association

NTNT Cattlemen's Association

QLDQueensland Farmers Federation

TASTasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association

VIC Victorian Farmers Federation

WAThe Western Australian Farmers Federation


National Insurance Brokers Association
Represents the interests of the insurance broking sector in Australia

Level 18, 111 Pacific Highway, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060 02 9964 9400


People With Disabilities NSW Inc
Statewide disability rights and advocacy organisation of and for people with disabilities. PWD offer individual and systemic advocacy in which ensures the full participation and citizenship of people with disabilities within all NSW LGAs. It has been stated that PWD is the primary NSW organisational member of Disability Australia Inc, an equivalent national body, which is in turn, the Australian member of Disabled Peoples International.

PO Box 666, STRAWBERRY HILLS NSW 2012 02 9319 6622


Privacy Commissioner
Member of Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission. Regulates the protection of privacy of personal information held by Government agencies, Tax File Numbers, credit reference agencies and consumer credit information

GPO Box 5218, SYDNEY NSW 1042 1300 363 992


Probate Registry

ACTSupreme Court Probate Registry

NSWSupreme Court New South Wales

NTSupreme Court Registry Office

QLDQueensland Supreme Court

SASupreme Court of South Australia

TAS Supreme Court of Tasmania

VICSupreme Court of Victroria

WASupreme Court of Western Australia


Public Advocates And Guardians
The Public Advocate promotes the rights and dignity of people with disabilities, to strengthen their position in society and to reduce their exploitation, abuse and neglect. The position of the Public Advocate within the disability community is independent of government, care givers, families and service providers. The Public Advocate seeks to encourage and support people with disabilities and to sustain their case where choices, interests or rights may be prejudiced.

ACTPublic Advocate of the ACT

NSWOffice of the Public Guardian

NTOffice of Public Guardian

QLDOffices of the Public Advocate and Adult Guardian

SAOffice of the Public Advocate

TASGuardianship and Administration Board

WAOffice of the Public Advocate

VICOffice of the Public Advocate


Reserve Bank of Australia
Supervises banks at a very high level - does not supervise interest rate charges or fee charges 1800 300 288


Small Claims Courts & Tribunals
Deal with consumer disputes involving small amounts of money. A small fee is charged for this service.

ACT ACT Magistrates Courts and Tribunals

NSWNSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

NTNorthern Territory Magistrates Courts

QLDQueensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

SAMagistrates Court

TASCourts and Tribunals Tasmania

VICVictorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal

WAMagistrates Court of Western Australia


State Ombudsman

ACTACT Ombudsman 1300 362 072

NSWNSW Ombudsman 1800 451 524

NTOmbudsman NT 08 8999 1818

QLDQueensland Ombudsman 1800 068 908

SAOmbudsmanSA 1800 182 150

TASOmbudsman Tasmania 1800 001 170

VICOmbudsman Victoria 1800 806 314

WAOmbudsman Western Australia 1800 117 000


State Revenue Office

ACTACT Revenue Office 02 6207 0028

NSWOffice of State Revenue 1800 629 550

NTTerritory Revenue Office 08 8999 7949

QLDOffice of State Revenue 1300 300 734

SARevenueSA 1800 637 778

TASState Revenue Office 1800 001 388

VICState Revenue Office 132 161

WAState Revenue 1300 368 364


State Trustees

NSWNSW Trustee & Guardian 02 9252 0523

QLDThe Public Trustee of Queensland 07 3213 9288

SAPublic Trustee 1800 673 119

TASPublic Trustee 1800 068 784

VICState Trustees 1300 138 672

WAPublic Trustee 1800 642 777


Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
Complaints and enquiries regarding decisions made by superannuation trustees, insurers, retirement savings account providers, annuity policies and other accounts related to regulated superannuation funds

Locked Bag 3060, MELBOURNE VIC 3001 1300 884 114


Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
PO Box 276, Collins Street West, MELBOURNE VIC 1800 062 058


Unclaimed Monies
Records are kept for savings banks from 1989 onwards and trading banks from 1979 onwards

Financial Services Unit, ASIC, GPO Box 9827, BRISBANE 1300 301 198


Understand Insurance
Understand Insurance provides practical information to help you find out more about insurance and make decisions that meet your needs. Understand Insurance is an initiative of the Insurance Council of Australia, the peak body for the general insurance industry.


Veda Advantage
Formerly known as Baycorp Advantage / Credit Advantage Limited / Credit Reference Association of Australia
PO Box 964, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2059 02 9464 6000


Western Union Financial Services
PO Box Q1522, QVB Post Office, SYDNEY NSW 1230 1800 173 833


Women's Referral Services

ACTWomen ACT 02 6205 1075

NSWWomen's Information and Referral Service 1800 817 227

NTWomen's InfoNet 1800 813 631

QLDWomen's Infolink 1800 177 577

SAWomen's Information Service 1800 188 158

TASWomen Tasmania 1800 813 631

VICWomen's Information Referral Exchange 1300 134 130

WAWomen's Information Service 1800 199 174


WorkCover Authorities
Provide information and advice regarding workcover and worker's compensation for employees and employers. Aid employees who have disputes against worker's compensation insurance.


NSWWorkCover NSW

NT NT WorkSafe

QLDWorkCover Queensland

SAWorkCover SA

TASWorkCover Tasmania

VICWorkSafe Victoria

WAWorkCover WA