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24 Mar

Investments Forum - Melbourne

The Investments forums aim to bring together those involved in the industry to discuss relevant FOS decisions and share insights about emerging issues.

We are currently in the process of making changes to streamline our dispute processes. This year, the forums will also be a platform for members to have a discussion about the changes and prepare themselves for the 1 July 2015 implementation date.

During the forum registration process, members will have the opportunity to submit determinations and topics for discussion to ensure the agenda is relevant.

Along with the determinations submitted, at the forums we will also discuss:

  • Fast Track – fast tracking decisions for simpler low value disputes
  • Financial Difficulty – ensuring more timely outcomes for those in financial difficulty
  • Terms of Reference – our amended terms of reference and operational guidelines.

Based on the input of our industry stakeholders, FOS decision makers prepare an agenda and papers for discussion at each forum. These are circulated to participants for pre-reading and are then discussed at the event.

Who should attend?

FOS members involved in investments and investment related products. For example:

  • Managed investments (mixed asset funds, Australian or International equity funds, mortgage schemes, property funds, investor directed portfolio services)
  • Derivatives/Hedging
  • Real Property
  • Securities (bonds, debentures, shares, warrants, bills of exchange)
  • Superannuation (account based pensions, industry funds, pooled trusts, self-managed funds, retirement saving accounts, retail funds)

Register online here.