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Issue 32 - February 2018

A renewed focus on engaging with our members

In November 2017, we appointed a new Member Engagement Advisor to help us refocus our energy and efforts in better connecting with members.

Our new advisor, Alison Morrow, has been with FOS for over nine years and has a diverse skillset in external dispute resolution, with roles in case management, conciliation and project management. She has a Master of Dispute Resolution from the University of Technology Sydney and has substantial experience working in general insurance.

In her previous role as Dispute Knowledge Manager, Alison specialised in improving knowledge sharing within FOS by encouraging staff to view a familiar topic from a different perspective. She specialised in implementing creative ways to share knowledge amongst all dispute workers, emphasising the importance of being able to evolve and adapt from older approaches. One key initiative was upgrading our Case Handling Library, a digital hub which centralised all of FOS’s dispute resources for dispute workers.

“We have always placed a strong focus on member engagement,” she said. “I plan to continue to drive and strengthen the work that we do.

“In the current environment, my focus will be on developing ways to reduce the impact that any upcoming change to external dispute resolution might have on our members.

“Another area I would like to work on is enhancing members’ internal dispute resolution skills and techniques, along with implementing a member feedback platform.”

Resources such as case studies, key determinations, Approach documents, industry forums and Comparative Tables are currently available to our members. But Alison is keen on also seeking input from members into what knowledge they can share with FOS.

“Our members have a wide range of industry experience. I would like to tap into that by introducing a structured feedback program,” explained Alison. “It’s important to keep the lines of communication between FOS and our members open.”

And what else is in the pipeline?

Alison is eager to find ways to add value to our current membership packages. “Members should receive benefits from their membership beyond our core function of resolving disputes and I am interested in discovering ways to achieve this.”

If you’re a member of FOS, you can expect to hear from Alison soon.