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Chief Ombudsman's Message

Welcome to Issue 5 of The Circular.


This issue includes an update on our 2011 National Members Conference, which is being held on 2–3 June in Melbourne. Read about the highlights of the program and find out what we are offering to support dispute resolution. Registration for the conference is now open on our National Conference Website:


Another major upcoming conference is the 2011 External Dispute Resolution Forum, which FOS sponsors. The forum connects consumer advocates and dispute resolution schemes. It is being held on 20 May in Sydney. You can register here.


We also wanted to tell you what we have done following our major member survey. The survey helped us to set performance benchmarks and identify areas for potential improvement. You can read about the initiatives we’ve implemented to meet our members’ needs and enhance the service we provide to our members.


Following the introduction of the new responsible lending regime in financial services, it is important that FOS provides guidance about our approach. Commentary and case studies on responsible lending are included in this issue.


Other topics we cover in this issue include:

  • Financial difficulty hot topics
  • Systemic issues and serious misconduct update
  • General insurance instalment contracts
  • Our new feedback system
  • Our Find an Insurer service for general insurance members.


As always, we welcome your feedback:


The Circular is designed to support dispute resolution by providing practical information and explaining our approach on substantive issues. Please let us know about any topics you would like us to cover in future issues.

 Colin's Signature

Colin Neave

Chief Ombudsman