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Build On Strength: National Members Conference 2011

FOS is holding its 2011 National Conference for members on 2–3 June at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).


The theme for this year’s conference is build on strength. We encourage our members to attend the conference to discover more ways to build the strength of their approach to dispute resolution and build the strength of their relationships with customers and FOS.


Dispute resolution has moved beyond being a reactive business process – it is a crucial part of a customer service program and it is a profession. It is not about putting out spot-fires and saving face but about maintaining strong relationships with customers and identifying areas where a business can make improvements.


The National Conference Website ( has extensive information about the conference program and speakers. You can also register and pay for your attendance via the website.


The FOS National Members Conference is designed to:

  • expand your dispute resolution toolkit
  • help you to increase the efficiency of your internal and external dispute resolution systems
  • explain FOS’s decisions in past cases so you can appreciate the consistency in our approach
  • illustrate what best practice dispute resolution looks like
  • examine the trends, issues and challenges faced by all players in the financial services sector.


The conference will give you an opportunity hear from and talk to FOS Ombudsmen and other senior FOS staff, as well as industry experts and other dispute resolution professionals.


Some of the highlights from the program include:

  • ‘The Return on Investment in Professional Dispute Resolution’ – a business case for responsive, value-driven dispute management
  • ‘News from the Regulator’ – an update from ASIC
  • ‘Macro Market Forces and Their Impact on Dispute Resolution’ – a presentation on the top trends in the financial sector and how they will shape consumer complaints
  • ‘Systemic Issues and Serious Misconduct’ – a panel discussion covering all perspectives (ASIC, FOS, industry and the law)
  • ‘Let’s Talk About It: Resolving Disputes by Conciliation Conference’ – a session on the benefits of conciliation conferences, including a conciliation demonstration
  • FOS dispute case studies on natural disaster insurance claims, financial difficulty, responsible lending, financial advice, motor vehicle insurance and more
  • Process and behaviour sessions on conciliation, cross-cultural negotiation, the adviser/client relationship and more.


Go to the National Conference Website ( for further details about the sessions.


If you have any questions about the conference, please email


We look forward to seeing you at the conference.